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Alta Swanepoel became involved with road traffic transport through her dealing with drunken, reckless and negligent driving cases as a public prosecutor. In 1989, as an associate with Africon Pty (Ltd), she was part of a team that drafted the Road Traffic Act and regulations and acted as a consultant for the Department of Transport.

In 1999 she founded “Alta Swanepoel & Associates cc” and now specialises in the field of road traffic and transport legislation and do training of both traffic officials and the Transport industry. Training sessions and work sessions have been conducted on various traffic related issues such as the National Road Traffic Legislation, Haulage Tractor Legislation, Passenger Vehicle Legislation (taxi’s), Cross-Border Road Transport, Drunken Driving Legislation, Overloading, Driving Licences, Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences and Road Traffic Signs.

A Road Traffic Legislation Workshop is also presented annually in major centres around the country (Stellenbosch, Durban, Pretoria) to focus on the latest transport legislation and trends in the transport industry.

We have consulted to government organisations in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Jamaica and various agencies.

Projects that we have been involved in include AARTO, The TCSP (technical committee for standards and procedures of traffic control and traffic control equipment), Refresher course training for traffic officers.

Alta Swanepoel is the contributing author to the Road Traffic & Road Transport Legislation Volumes I to IV published by Lexis Nexis. She was a member of the AA Technical Committee. 

The company has been appointed as consultant by various government departments and organisations: Kwazulu-Natal Department of Transport, SANRAL, TRAC, Bakwena and the National Department of Transport.


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