Presentation on Traffic and Transport Legislation under Covid19 Download
Workshop Presentation 1: Road traffic and transport legislation update Download
Workshop Presentation 2: Economic Regulation of Transport Bill Download
Workshop Presentation 3: AARTO Download

Government Gazettes

AARTO Amendment Act 4 of 2019 Download
GG43158 Download
GG43183 Download
GG43186 Download
GG43189 Download
National Road Traffic Bill for Comments 28 Jan 2015 Download
GG 43201 3 April 2020 Intention to Introduce NRT Amendment Bill to Parliament Download
Validity period of Operating licences Download
GG43157 Download
GG43211 Download
GG43212 Download
GG43228 Download
GG43235 Download
Covit document for comment Download
GG43255 Download
Minister of Transport - Level 4 Download
GG43262 Download
GG43270 Download
GG43284 Download
GG43291 Download
GG43306 Download
GG43307 Download
GG43308 Download
GG43319 Download
GG43321 - e-Commerce sales Download
GG43339 Validity of licences under Covid19 Download
GG43348 Download
GG43364 Level 3 Download
Bill 7 of 2020 National Road Traffic Download
Bill 8 of 2020 Transport Appeal Tribunal Download
Covid Gazette 12 July 2020 Download
Border Management Authority Act, 2020 Download
Extention of licences Download
Directives for public transport 22 July 2020 Download
43620_17-8_CoopGov Level 2 Download
GG43652 Taxis Liquor transport Download
GG43754 Cross-border Road Transport Download
Extention of licences Download
GG 43995 Download
44044rg-11217gon1423s Download
GG44066 Covid Adjusted Level 3 11 Jan 2021 Download
Cross-border permit fees 2021 Download
Covid Level 1 Regulations 1 March 2021 Download
Limpopo Miscellaneous fees Download
GG 44325 Transportation of liquor Download
Taxi relief fund Download
Legal metrology regulations Download
GG44484 Reg 116A Download
Level 4 alert Download
Level 4 Regulations Download
Extention of licences Download
GG45291 RTMC fees for comment Download

Work Shops

Registration form - 2021 Workshops and Webinar Download
Annual Workshop 2021 Programme Download